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The Rising Phoenix of Artistic Freedom

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the latest and greatest images of PTV3 from the Los Angeles show!! MAGNÍFICO!!

OCTOBER 29, 2004

By Iona Miller and Bobbee Narsissy







In Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan conjectured,

If men were able to be convinced that art is precise advance knowledge of how to cope with the psychic and social consequences of the next technology, would they all become artists?  Or would they begin a careful translation of new art forms into social navigation charts?  I am curious to know what would happen if art were suddenly seen for what it is, namely, exact information of how to rearrange one’s psyche in order to anticipate the next blow from our own extended faculties.”

Fabulous musical artists for this show include Genesis P-Orridge with Thee Majesty (including Larry Thrasher) and former Swans’ vocalist, Jarboe.  Genesis has resurrected THROBBING GRISTLE and PSYCHIC TV recently for  limited engagements while he focuses mainly on  THEE MAJESTY, which combines the best of them all.

NYC-based, ‘pandrogenous’ Genesis – now known as Breyer P-Orridge along with his wife Miss Jackie --  is acclaimed for his groundbreaking artistic, musical and occult creations.  He has focused high-voltage avenues of experimentation into magick, performance art, poetry, music, collage, painting, writing and video for over 30 years.

This technoshaman claims to have had a close encounter of the weird kind as a very young child with notorious magician Aleister Crowley, who happened to be dead at the time.  The drive instilled in him by this initiation first came to flower in the Coum Transmissions and his Sigils, created with alchemical soror mystica Cosi Fanni Tutti.  Our show title is both a pun on Gen’s infamous history and his second appearance in our fair city.

Billing himself as a “cultural engineer,” this anti-godfather’s legacy has spawned acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.  But in Gen’s case, it is clearly no “act,” but the real thing.  He is an artist of great foresight, substance, and intentionality.  Though associated with Chaos Magick, he can be quite deliberate in externalizing and projecting his vision of himself through his work and his effect as a cultural “strange attractor.”

Artists are the chaotic attractors of the social field.  While conventional artists may enjoy great favor, the ‘strange attractors,’ including leading edge and extreme artists have a special role as catalysts in contemporary life. Artists have always drawn others beyond the limits of their ordinary awareness, confronting them with another reality, initiating them into a world of profound meaning without conventional boundaries. 

No stranger to sedition, GPO is the first man exiled from his native Britain in 100 years.  The Vampire Lestat himself has nothing over this global star, whose immortality is assured, as anyone can read in his scintillating biography, Painful But Fabulous: The Lives and Art of Genesis P-Orridge.

In the cyberpunk zine Mondo 2000, the protean performer insisted, “I like romance and glamour and distortion.  The whole point is to give so many possibilities we’re dazzled and confused.  Isn’t that why people use drugs?  People want to be randomized, scared, excited.  They want to be told they have to give a blow job to 28 people or they won’t get their dinner.”  He makes his dinner by blowing our minds.

The artistic life is a chaotic arc of inspiration upon inspiration, following the Muse.  Artists walk what for others is ‘the road not taken’ (chaos theory’s bifurcation or forking), sometimes going ‘where angels fear to tread.’  Their charismatic influence pulls others into their orbits, and the small effect of one personality potentially spreads its influence over the world (butterfly effect), sometimes over history.  The history of art is one of the richest threads of our cultural heritage.

P-Orridge claims no fixed point in time, space, or his career, declaring: “Never assume the position of a previous character.”  Influential in the body art, occult, fetish, and rave scenes, early in his career he founded the industrial genre with his band Throbbing Gristle and San Francsico artist Monte Cazazza .  He then created the first British acid house band, Psychic TV, which distinguished itself in a pantheon of trance groups with a personal blessing from the psychedelic Zeus himself, Timothy Leary

Now, Thee Majesty combines this repertoire of metabolic music with spoken word and collaged speech, echoing Gen’s cross pollination and sorcerer’s apprenticeship with Beat icons, poets Brion Gysin and William Burroughs.  This is GPO’s inspiration for his “cut up method” of composing. 

Morphing wildly from passage through hyperdelic barriers, Gen’s electronic soundscapes are always richly reflective of an interiority that is ‘Aha!-some’ in its breadth.  He will also be screening his ‘Pandrogeny’ films, which document his latest body art project, during his band’s performance in The Courtyard.  (Ozzie WHO???)

Music must now be aware of the subtleties of its effects.  Its structure must take into account the metabolic and neurological effects and power of music and harness them for its own deconditioning, anarchic ends.  The empty carrot of success and respect must be seen for the transparent confidence trick that it is.    Drugs of addiction must be bypassed.  The real war must begin.  The decoding is possible.  Our own code becomes more sophisticated and effective,” according to Gen.

Larry Thrasher appeared on several Psychic TV discs: Electronic Newspaper Issue 1 1994, A Hollow Cost 1994, Ultradrug 1994, Cathedral Engine 1995, Electronic Newspaper Issue 2 1995, Electronic Newspaper Issue 3 1995, Thee Fractured Garden 1995, Sirens 1995,  Splinter Test ~ Electric Newspaper Issue 4Trip Reset 1996, Breathe , Splinter Test ~ Spatial Memories 1997).



Genesis in L.A.

San Francisco-based Thrasher met Genesis P-Orridge in 1993, while mastering and editing "Splinter Test" for Caroline Records.  He started performing live with Psychic TV, playing tablas and samples and joined the band with the release of "A Hollow Cost".  Eleven releases later Larry finds that he has achieved international status under the various incarnations (Psychic TV, Thee Splinter Test and Thee Majesty). Larry continues to collaborate with Genesis on these sound collage/spoken work projects.

Artists magnetically draw the attention of others to their creations, to their vision, into the imagination, into the collective future.  We might think of them as the ‘indicator species’ of the social ecology, the evolving cultural landscape.  Orbiting far from the norm, they provide a negentropic counter-balance – an evolutionary burst, social innovation -- to conservative forms and institutions, which tend to ossify leading to stasis and decay. 

Art changes the way people perceive reality, how they see life and their place in it.  These negentropic innovations become embedded in social structure.  Realizations, insight, empathy are implicit.  They show us windows of prescient emotions and impulses, their unframed works rending the veil of the human unconscious.

Jarboe has had a fruitful solo career, as well as collaborating with Michael Gira as Swans, in work that assures her indepedent underground icon status. She will be presenting an acoustic set with a solo guitarist, charming us all with her throaty yet haunting vocals.  She reminds us that “Love will tear us apart again.”  She will also be giving new meaning her penchant for self disclosure, displaying her graphic vaginal prints in the White Column Room, along with the print media of our other participants.

Exerpts from her bio:

"Jarboe's musical explorations have led to select comparisons to other female musicians with regard for their success in penetrating the otherwise male-dominated 'rock' subculture. An extensive interview with her is the opening segment in ReSearch/Juno Books: Angry Women In Rock [Volume I ] alongside Chryssie Hynde and Joan Jett. She is also one of the 7 artists featured alongside Nina Simone, Liz Fraser, and Kate Bush in the Women's Studies/Cultural Theory book from the U.K.'s Creation Press: Catamania.

Jarboe's direction with her recorded and performed projects leads towards producing a brand of energy that is specifically her own. Inspiration is drawn from a variety of charged sources, spanning from her early exposure and participation in snake-handling revivals in the Mississippi delta, to parents who were in the FBI, to participation in a lounge act, experimental performance art in gallery & live radio settings, and her 14-year collaboration with worldwide concerts (clubs, theatres, festivals, live radio, European television) and critically acclaimed recordings in Swans. Her delivery can be at turns innocent, knowing, seductive, & vitriolic - contained in melodic and experimental compositions with a wide range of musicians and artists.

Jarboe's primary objective is to close in on the gap in the audience/performer relationship with a complete submission and vicarious experience through her performance. This is at times done through visceral vocals and music from a variety of cultures and sound vignettes. Through her performance work, she has optimized her repertoire to include a vast variety of voices, from the shy school-girl to seductress to 'demon.'

Jarboe's private agenda over the course of her life has been to fine tune endurance- physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through efforts in such disciplines as weight-lifting, kick boxing, mountain-climbing, studies in Tibetan Buddhism, and her intense work with Swans, she has journeyed her body towards exhaustion specifically with the intent of rebuilding/reinventing identity and exploring the structure of persona."

Photographic prints of Jarboe by underground filmmaker will be displayed in the White Column Room.  Fascinated by guns and sexually charged violence, New York photographer Richard Kern made his start as part of the Cinema of Transgression in the mid-‘80s. His most notorious films include the black-and-white road movie Fingered, with Lydia Lunch. You Killed Me First is a short film at the suburban dinner table that ends in mayhem, where even the cute bunny rabbit gets slaughtered. His other works include provocative titles like Manhattan Love Suicides, Submit to Me, and The Evil Cameraman. Kern went on to direct a number of music videos for the likes of Sonic Youth and Marilyn Manson, but has since focused his attention on photography, including his compilation book New York Girls.


Perhaps one of the simplest ways to explain is as a “just so story.”  It is simply the noncommercial meeting of a group of old and new friends, a time for reunions and joyous play, on the eve of that most celebrated of pagan holidays, Samhain.  What could BE more perfect?  Dionysus himself would be ecstatic.

Arrive early and share the joy or exorcise your demons!  The Devil will take the hindmost, and is sure to be there.

Cheers from Cyberia,

Bobbee and Iona

About the organizers:  Bobbee Precious, aka technoshaman Bob Judd, ( is a local Phoenix artist and filmmaker, and alumnus of Arizona State and Novocom Media.  He has been acclaimed for his multimedia work and award-winning films, such as ‘Bovine Vendetta’ and ‘Jesse Helms Is Cleaning Up America’, one of which was shown on the SciFi Channel.  He was a lip-synch animator for the smash comedy Southpark for two years. He is currntly designing The Cockettes website.

Iona Miller ( is a psychotherapist, multimedia artist and webauthor of numerous metaphysical and transdisciplinary works.  Her published work includes The Modern Alchemist (Phanes Press) and The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes (Destiny Books; ITI), and the anthology PsychedelicsReimagined (Autonomedia).  Iona and Bob have been synergetically collaborating for a couple of years now, recently showing together in Gartel’s Cyberotica extravaganza in Miami last December ’03.

“No animals were charmed in the making of this production.”


We are hoping this event is a realisation and when we know tickets will be available immediately...

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